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AVG or Anti-Virus Guard is a software family which develops anti-virus programs. Avast Software has the control over AVG. The software is available on Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android Platforms. The company has been building highly secure antivirus applications since 1992. Their applications are easy and secure making millions of personal computer safe and secure from any malware, virus, adware, spyware, etc. The free version of AVG has made its mark on spreading the need for anti-virus to the regular computer users. These anti-virus programs protect your internet connection so that no virus can breach into your computer.

Whenever we try and connect our computer or devices to the internet, thousands of viruses wait to get into our computer and malfunction it. Some of the nasty viruses are malware, Ad-ware, Ransom-ware, Trojan horse virus, Win32 Sality and others which can harm our data and information on the computer.The antivirus program you are using might hamper your computer’s performance due to wrong settings and directory error. These programs need expert hands to get proper settings and configurations to work efficiently. Don’t get tense; we are here to help. Our AVG Customer Care department, has the necessary tools and application to make your anti-virus work the way it should be. Call us at the hotline number and get connected to the professional hands you need to repair your anti-virus settings.

Common viruses that can attack your computer

Win32 Sality

Sality is a classification of virus that infects only on Microsoft Windows systems. This virus communicates with the P2P network and leaks sensitive data, compromise web services, disrupt task management which may turn out to slowing down of your computer and internet speed.


Ransomware is a virus that gets into the computer and steals various personal information and data about the user. They can even steal your personal photos, videos and threaten you to publish your personal information in public. The virus controller will ask for a ransom to let your personal property back to you.

Trojan horse

Trojan is named after the deceptive wooden horses used in the attack on the city of Troy. These viruses get into the computer and let the controller access the affected computer, making the computer owner’s personal information and confidential data vulnerable.

AVG has a huge virus database which enables them to detect almost all type of computer viruses that has a potential chance of an attack on your computer. However, to enable full protection from viruses, the application needs some crucial settings and configuration changes. Only professional hands can do these settings on your computer, and we have employed the best tech support executives available in the industry, they are well used to working with the AVG anti-virus for any platform. They have developed fast methods and use necessary tools and application to get the job done.

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Yes, you heard it right. We have created a dedicated department for AVG anti-viruses where the professionals are highly experienced in working with AVG Services. Our AVG AntiVirus Customer Support teams are working 24*7, helping thousands of users who face trouble with their anti-virus. We value customer satisfaction, so we ensure to leave a smiling customer at the end of each of our service call. Our services are priced at an affordable range so that it fits your budget. All you have to do is call us at [ ] (toll free) and avail the premium rated services that are built specifically for AVG users.

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