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Anti-Virus Guard or often termed as AVG is a family of anti-virus software controlled by Avast Technologies. The company started their service in 1992 in Germany and United Kingdom. Their anti-virus programs are highly secure and easy to use. The software is available on Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android Platforms. Their applications are easy and secure making millions of personal computer safe and secure from any malware, virus, adware, spyware, etc. The AVG free edition has successfully spread awareness for taking an antivirus program to the common computer users.

Their reliable and low-cost service has made them one of the most trusted brands in the market of Virus protection programs. The AVG anti-virus you are using can malfunction once in a while. Disabled anti-virus can give your computer an open threat of virus attacks. Don’t get tense; we are here to help. We are considered as one of the best tech support service providers available in the market. Call us now on our AVG Customer Support Number if you are facing any trouble with your anti-virus.

Few of the most common viruses that affect your computer

Trojan horse

Trojan is named after the deceptive wooden horses used in the attack on the city of Troy. These viruses get into the computer and let the controller access the affected computer, making the computer owner’s personal information and confidential data vulnerable.


It is a standalone malware computer virus that replicates itself to infect other computer and spread a network for the virus makers to access and damage data and information. These type of programs are usually targeted in network trafficking and slowing down internet speed.


Scareware is a type of virus that tries to scare the user with some critical warning and persuade them to buy some fake anti-virus to remove those errors. These type of virus is a new addition to the category. It pops up into your browser and shows the alerts which may trigger anxiety or fear of having some serious trouble.

Your AVG anti-virus is capable of preventing almost all type of viruses, but it needs proper settings and configuration for the tech professionals to run your application to the maximum security measures. Call us at the AVG Customer Support Number and avail the expert guidance you need to resolve your anti-virus errors. We are equipped with the necessary and advanced tools and services to keep your anti-virus guarding your internet experience.

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We understand the importance of having a proper working anti-virus in this modern generation business where you need to stay connected to the internet almost all the time. We know every aspect of the AVG anti-virus. Our technical teams are specialized in working with AVG product. We make our services cost less so that you can afford it more. Our vision is to make our customer’s experience better. Call us at AVG Customer Service Hotline Number +1-800-354-8923 and get more information about our AVG services.

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